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StampitApp is an easy to use mobile web application that you can use to share personal video messages on paper to someone you like and love or as a platform to sell new products and to create exciting promotional campaigns for your existing or new customers.


We have designed unique and personal stamps that use the QR code technology in a dynamic and interactive way. Use it to make your postcards, letters, gifts and presents more personal than ever or to promote your business in a friendly way worlwide.

Unique Video Stamps for your own use and enjoyment.

Protect with a secret question and challenge the recipient.

Travel Map
Track the route path and map the total distance travelled.

It is fun, traditional and easy to use. Scan your Interactive Video Stamp and PLAY from anywhere, anytime.

The world is stamping up.
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Sell new products, offer something different, something personal and unique and engage your existing and new customers with interactive marketting campaigns.

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