Print your holidays

Download custom Photo Stamps and use it to add videos to your travel and personal photo books.

Photo Stamps

Create & Download a custom Photo Stamp.
Print in your photo album as you would do with any other image.
Scan your Photo Stamp to Record and Play.
Amaze your friends

Buy interactive video stamps and send video messages on paper with privacy and travel map tracking.

Video Stamps
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for incredible new experiences

Video Cards

Send video invitation messages on paper to your friends and family. 1 message that you can share with 100 or as many people as you want.

Video Cards

Lets celebrate the new arrival and share the first video on paper of your new born baby with your beloved ones!

Video Cards

Make a special wish with a personal and private video message.

Video Cards

When we are in love we do crazy things. Lets send a private and personal video message on a paper video card witn some flowers or perfume. Love is in the air!

Video Cards

We wish you a meery Xmas and a Happy new year! Try recording a video and send it over on paper before christmas. Let´s see what happens ...

Video Cards

Next time you are packing a present dont forget to attach a personal video card with a private video message. They will love it!

Because something special happens when a real message arrives by hand, on paper, unexpectedly!

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The world is posting. The world is playing. The world is Stamping Up!

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