How can
StampitApp help your business?

Freelance artists. Printing companies. Creative studios. Bookshops. Tourism offices. Hotels. Museums. etc.

Increase your revenue by adding new products to your portfolio.

Increase your customer base by offering interactive products to your clients.

Get real time metrics and learn from your sales beforehand.

Promote your brand with non intrusive marketting campaigns.


An easy to use and mobile friendly application to track and manage your products, projects and customers.

Custom designs and templates
Management of projects and products
Management of customers
Reports and usability metrics
Non intrusive promotional campaigns
Custom App configurations
Bills, payments and invoices management
Unlimited FREE
Create FREE products for personal use.

Pay as you go
50% discount when you buy products online.

Pay as you earn
Create proyects and products and pay later as you earn.

Key Performance Indicators
Organic visibility. Demographics. User engagement. Click through. Rating. etc ...

Learn from your customers and make decisions on the go!

the world up

Join StampitApp and benefit from extra features and services.


LOGIN user and partner

Unlimited FREE products + 25% PAYGO discount when you buy more than 10 video stamps online.
9€ / year

BASIC membership

LOGIN user benefits + keep FREE products forever + Additional 25% PAYGO discount + Graphical analytics on PAID products.
99€ / year

PRO partnership

BASIC member benefits + Partner Dashboard with PAYE options and advaced metrics, reports and management tools.

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