What is
an interactive paper video stamp?

A carefully edited and designed paper stamp that uses QR codes in a creative, dynamic and interactive way.

videos and audios to your personal photo books and keep them forever.

video to paper
video messages on paper and challenge your friends with secret questions.

1 to 1 messaging
videos and audios on paper with multiple people at once.

1 for all messaging


Video stamps to send personal and private video / audio messages on paper from one person to another one.

Password protection

Travel map

1 to 1

Unlimited views

Reply to sender
New products
for incredible new experiencies

Gift video tags, Travel video postcards, Love video cards, Birthday video greetings, Christmas video wishes and special dates, Wedding video invitations, New born video celebrations, Promotion and video marketting, video letters, video mugs, video t-shirts, video magnets, video bags, etc.

FREE to send
FREE to play
Any QR scanner works
Play on any device

Video stamps
Video cards
Video postcards
Video gift tags
Video magnets
Video books
Video letters
Video posters

Video stamps to share videos and audios on paper with multiple people at once.

Password protection

1 for ALL

Limited user/views

Dynamic control

Video personal stamps to build photo-video books with your most memorable travel and personal experiencies.

Personal use

Unlimited views