StampitApp is the first global product and service platform for sending video messages on Paper that can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. It is a non-instant messaging service that combines the Tradition and romanticism of physical post delivery with the use of mobile Technologies. It is fun and easy to use.


Because we believe on sharing life and experiences in a traditional way, because something special happens when a real message arrives by hand, on Paper, unexpectedly, because now You can do it!

When, Where and Who

StampitApp was born with the idea to make postcards, letters, gifts and presents more personal than ever. Inspired and designed in Barcelona, StampitApp is a new startup project founded by Xavier Trizet and designed by NORABi, Creative and Publishing Studio based in London with studio offices in Barcelona and Budapest.

Xavier Trizet
CEO & founder

Publishing Studio


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Use it to send and play video messages on Paper, or use any other QR code scanner. Note that full compatibility cannot be guaranteed with 3rd party scanner apps.

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