How to
Video message

with a Scanner

From your Smartphone or Tablet.
Login required


Download StampitApp
for Apple iTunes or Google Play.
Download scanner


Scan Stamp and add Video
using a message from your gallery or library.


Upload and Confirm
by following the instructions.

with email

From any device or desktop.
Login not needed


Record a Video
and share as email to


Type your StampID code
in your email SUBJECT.


Send and Confirm
by following the instructions.

Tips &

Video Size

We recommend that your Video message is no longer than 15 seconds and that it is recorded using low resolution for a better performance and faster upload and play.

Video type

Videos recorded with Apple devices or Android (Samsung, HTC, Nokia, etc) are supported. Only quicktime mov or mp4 media files are currently supported.


You can protect your message from unauthorised views by using a secret-key question and answer that only you and the receiver will know. A funny way to challenge your friends when sending Video messages on Paper.


You can track and map the total distance your message will travel. An easy way to tell your friends that the message has travelled a long distance to reach them.