StampitApp has designed and created unique Video Stamps that use the QR code technology in a completely different way. Dynamic, interactive, open and multipurpose. StampitApp offers you a branded selection of sample products that can be easily customised to your business and branding needs.

For Partners, StampitApp offers you the opportunity to build-up your catalogue with engaging, innovative and interactive products. It will help you increase your sales and have an additional revenue stream in your business portfolio. StampitApp will offer you the option to have an interaction with your customers, it will allow you to promote your business while using paper and technology in a friendly and non-intrusive way. You can use StampitApp to create custom designed products, either for selling or as an engaging new promotional and marketing concept. Manage your production projects, get productivity metrics, campaign reports and stats online.

How to use StampitApp?

StampitApp is a user friendly App that works with real Paper products. All you need is a Paper Video Stamp to Scan, a Video message to send and someone to send it to. And thats it! You are ready to Stamp the World Up.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section to know how to use StampitApp products.

Your Options

StampitApp is a FREE open platform which means you dont need to create an account to enjoy using the Products. However, for those who join and for those individuals, professionals or business partners who want to benefit from using, creating and selling their own Paper Video Products, StampitApp offers different Subscriptions Plans.

Logged in Users can Upgrade the User Account for FREE at any time and become a Partner.

Subscription Plans
for Partners

Stamps expire 1 year N N
Video Postcards Y Y Y
Video Cards Y Y Y
Custom Products N N Y
Templates 10 30 100
Projects unlimited unlimited unlimited
Campaigns 0 1 10
Productivity reports Y Y Y
Usability metrics Y Y Y
Campaign stats N Y Y
White labelling N N Y
Custom landing page N N Y
Manage Customers N N Y
TOP UP Discount 0% 10% 25%
TOP UP Unit Price 0.3 0.27 0.225
Subscription monthly fee n/a 5.75 GBP 14.08 GBP


By default, any new partner is registered as LITE Partner member. This is the FREE start up plan that will allow new partners to use StampitApp product and service platform. It has a free allowance of units to start and it allows the creation of templates and projects to sell StampitApp products worldwide.

Stamp units expire 1 year after activation and use. If you plan to reuse them year after year consider the subscription to either BASIC or PREMIUM.

69 GBP / Year

BASIC membership is a Paid account that will offer Partners an extended set of features to create discounted top-up Projects with your own promotional and marketting Campaign. Stamp units do not exire as long as you are a registered Partner member.

This is your Option if you want to market your paper business online, get metrics and custom advertisement, while reducing your overall production costs.

169 GBP / Year

PREMIUM Partners is an exclusive paid membership account offering Top additional features. They will benefit with the option to create Custom branding and white labelling products, more Advertismenet and Campaign features, extende Top Up discounts and the ability to work as a reseller and manage customers. Stamp units do not exire as long as you are a registered Partner member.

This is your Option if you want to have a greater impact and best performance. You will reduce your production costs drastically while having the options to use multiple advertisements as well as resell and create projects for third party business partners.

StampitApp Products

Video Postcards

Standard Postcards to send a personal video message on paper with privacy and geolocation. You can create your VideoPostcard projects with custom sizes and designs and your own business remarks.

Classic, Panoramic or Polaroid styles.

Video Cards

Standard greeting Cards. Instead of sending a note on paper, let your customers to send a video message on paper on any wish and greeting card they sent. You can create wedding cards or any other special card you want. You can design your own cards in different types and sizes. Single paged or double page. Gift cards, wish and greetings, wedding cards, etc.

Folded or one-side Normal cards

Video Stickers

Multiple Video Stamps in one single document to print on sticker paper. A flexible way to sell stand-alone stamps for multipurpose use.

Custom Products

The more flexible products you will have. Create whatever you need, as you need.

StampitApp Tools

Dashboard App

An easy to use web-platform designed to provide a ready-to-print product without the need of post-editing processing, using paper design standards and meeting overall editing and printing requirements. Moreover, it is a tool that will allow you to manage product templates, projects, campaigns and to get productivity and usability metrics.

Video Stamp Scanner

Available for Apple iOS and Android devices, StampitApp Video Stamp scanner is a specific QR code reader App made to provide the best experience to the end user.

Online Web-App

StampitApp will allow end users to record and play video messages, anytime, anywhere. It is a service tool that will provide media content management in a personal way while offering additional features like: map, reply, download, management of messages sent, received and pending, etc.

Dashboard App
for Partners

Creating paper Video Projects is an easy process, all you need to have is a template design for the product you want to create, to decide how many units you need and, optionally, a marketing strategy to benefit from online promotional and advertisement campaigns.


Templates are the main base to design your products before creating real projects. You can customise your designs and test them for validation.


Projects will use a Template with your custom design and will consist of as many units / pages / video stamps as you need. Once created, you can activate and start using with your customers.


Campaigns are promotional advertisements that will be displayed to your end users any time they Play and use your projects. It consists of a custom image, designed with your own information and it will allow users to interact with it.

The steps below will guide you about how to use StampitApp to create templates, projects, campaigns and more.

Add a Template

To create Projects you must have product Templates created and ready to use. Templates are used as a reference to speed up the Project creation process and you can use them to create multiple different projects. You can Add new Templates from the CREATE section for each of the main core products (VideoPostcards, VideoCards, etc).

When you Add Templates you will have online instructions that will guide you to create the Template.

When a Template is created, it must be tested before you can start creating real Projects. The TEST process will create a sample Project that you can use to validate that the final Project will meet your expectations. If it is what you expect, then you can start creating projects with the new Template, otehrwise, you can always delete the Template and create a new one.

Templates can be used for single Projects or can be used in multiple projects, and tags are a good way to filter your stats if you have multiple designs.

Create a Project

Select the Product template you want to use, add a Project Name (used for metrics and reports), Add a project description and set the total number of units you need.

When a Project is created, a ready-to-print PDF document will be prepared and sent to your email account. The PDF document will contain as many pages as units requested and it will be ready for printing without the need of any additional post-processing work.

Video Stamps on a brand new Project are not activated. You can activate your video stamps and Project from the Projects section. We recommend you activate your project and all the Video stamps attached only after it is printed and before you start the distribution.

Projects cannot be deleted after creation. Total units of Video stamps used will be deducted from your account profile.

Create a Campaign

If your subscription level allows you to use Campaign features and usability metrics you can create promotional and advertisement Campaigns.

A Campaign is a promotional advertisement that you share with your end-user customers in a friendly non-intrusive way. They are designed to be non-disruptive to the final user experience. You can customise as you need and the final information to be displayed is entirely up to you.

To Add a Campaign you must include a Name, a redirection link and upload your personal Image. Online instructions will help you with the information required.

Campaigns are a powerful way to promote your business world-wide in a friendly way, online, and it allows you to provide your own promotional message and to redirect potential viewers and customers to anywhere you wish.

When you create Projects and Campaigns you also accept StampitApp Legal terms and conditions. Illegal content and offensive Campaigns are not authorised and if you dont have Reseller rights you can only create Projects that are for your own business and for third party.


This is a selection of best practices and recommendations for using StampitApp.

Create as you need

Instead of creating and printing thousands of units and projects at once, print as many as you think you need in short term. Sell them, use them, and come back for more any time you need. This is the best approach that will make your investment on StampitApp more successfull.

Use a Generic Template

You dont need multiple and different Templates to create Projects. You may wish to create a generic Template as a common base for multiple projects and then, you can customise each project with individual Tags or even create individual and specifc Campaigns assigned to different Projects. This way you improve your production process making things easier and more simple, while getting custom statistics based on your Preferences.

Design a Video Postcard

You can create Standard postcards, portrait, landscape or polaroid style. You have control in the width and height when designing your products and we recommend your design to be like the following ones:

• Horizontal: 150x105mm
• Portrait: 105x150mm
• Landscape: 210x105mm
• Polaroid: 105x130mm

Design a Video Card

You can create Standard cards, single page and folded cards. You have control in the width and height when designing your products and we recommend your design to be like the following ones:

• Single Page: 105x150mm
• Folde Page: 105x150 (210x150mm)

Combine Projects

When you create Projects there is a limit of 500 units. However, you can create multiple projects, with the same Template, and then COMBINE and MERGE into 1 single and unique Project. This will help you to create Projects with unlimited amount of units. The only condition is that you can only merge Projects that are made with the same Template, that have the same Campaign and are not yet Activated. Once a Project is active and ready it cannot be combined.

Print and Activate

Projects must be activated before you can use them. You must review and print your Project and once it is already printed and you are ready for going live then you can Activate it. If you are printing with third party printer providers it is always better to activate a project once you have the Project printed and delivered to you. This way you add additional protection to your project while being printed and you have a better control on the overall process.

Create appealing Campaigns

Your Campaigns are promotional advertisements, dynamic and non-intrusive, that your customer will see then they PLAY one of the Video Stamps. It is an image advertisement that will be displayed in a friendly way and it will allow your customers, not only to read it and make use of it but to follow up and click. This way, you can redirect your customers to specific locations of your interest and increase the engagement ratio of your customers, increase the fidelity with them and open new business oportunities. The design and content is up to you and we encourage you create appealing messages that will motivate your customer to click.

For example, you can create an Image that offers a discount to buy on-store when the customer goes to your shop with the paper video product, or you can offer an on-line discount code that they can enter when they click your custom link.

Promotional discount codes

By time to time we will be sharing with our followers and partners interesting discounts and promotions in our social networks like Instagram or Facebook. Discount codes will be valid for TopUp and to buy more video stamps. This way you can keep creating projects at reduced prices.

Dont miss an update

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Product Samples