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What is StampitApp?

StampitApp is a non-instant messaging platform for sending personal and private Video messages on Paper using the QR code technology in a dynamic and interactive way.

What is a Video Stamp?

A Video stamp is an interactive QR code label that can carry a personal video message recorded by you on-the-spot, from anywhere, at anytime. Video Stamps are unique and personal, they add privacy to protect your messages by using a personal secret-key and they provide travel distance mapping that will let the recipient know the total distance the message has traveled.

Are the messages posted on a Video stamp private?

Video messages sent a paper Video stamp are intended to be seen only by the expected recipient. If you are concerned about privacy you can protect your Video message by adding a secret personal question / answer that you and the recipient will know. It is a friendly way to protect your message while adding a challenge to the receiver to play a video message only if the know the answer.

Use basic Q/A like: What is the name of your pet? Where did we first meet? Yoru favourite song? Name of your grandmother? etc ...

What kind of video message can I add to my Video Stamp?

You can add any personal Video message recorded by you on the spot using your mobile phone or tablet. Personal video messages must be compliant with Quicktime mov or mp4 media files and cannot exceed 25MB in size for a better and faster experience. There is no time limit for a Video message.

What Application do I need to scan a Video Stamp?

To attach a Video message to your Video Stamp you need a Video Stamp scanner and you are invited to use StampitApp, our in-house App to Scan your personal Video Stamps. Available for Apple and Android devices. To Play a Video message the recipient can use StampitApp Video Stamp scanner, a QR code reader or you can play it on any desktop PC.

Can I use any smartphone available on the market?

As far as we are concerned, Yes. StampitApp has been tested successfully on multiple devices both Apple and Android. To use StampitApp your device and mobile web-browser must be compliant with html 5 standard and it must allow the use of javascript and geolocation services.

How do I add a Video message to my Video Stamp?

If you have a paper Video Stamp you can scan it using any QR code reader and follow the online instructions displayed in your Web-browser. Additionaly, if you dont want to use any scanner, you can use any we browser by accessing and open the START option.

How does Privacy work?

Privacy is an optional feature provided by a combination of a secret-key question and a secret-key answer. We recommend you sue simple Q/A that are easily known by the recipient otherwise they wont be able to play and watch your Video message.

How does Geolocation work?

Geolocation is an optional feature available that will allow the recipient know the total distance the message has traveled to arrive to his/her hands. When you use geolocation services, a map with your latitude and longitude coordinates will be displayed and the location coordinates will be used to map your message.

What happens when I upload my message?

When you Upload your video message you are accepting the terms of use and conditions and you accept that you know the person to whom the message is addressed, you agree that you are not posting any illegal content and you confirm that you hold the rights for sending and sharing the content included in the video message. After uploading your message and if it has been attached to your Video Stamp successfully, you will be redirected to a confirmation page and you will have the option to test, play and review the message.

Can I change the Video message after Post?

NO. Your video message will be final after it has been uploaded.

Can I share the Video message I receive?

Yes. You can chare it with friends, or relatives. However, keep in mind two important things. (1) You must be the right owner of the video message, (2) there are limits to the amount of times a message can be seen or played by different users. A maximun of 10 different users are allowed.

Can I send a video message to someone I dont know?

You should always send messages to people you know. If you decide to send messages to unknown people be aware of any legal implications it may have about the content you are distributing and to whom you are sending it to.

Should I play a message If I dont trust the person who is sending it or if I am not the intended recipient?

No, You should not Play it. If you still decide to do so it is on your own responsibility. Please read our Conditions and Terms of use for more information.

How many times a Video can be played?

The owner and intended receiver can play the Video message without restrictions, however, a limit applies to the total numbers of users that can play it. For multiple users Video message new Video Stamp products will be availble soon.

Where can I buy Video Stamps?

You can buy and print Video Stamps at home anytime, or you can get paper Video products from different partners and retailers worldwide. Follow StampitApp on facebook/instagram for news and updates about partnets and point of sale.