for Professionals like You

Sell new products, engage new customers or use it for commercial campaigns.

Create and sell interactive paper video products
or use it to send promotional video messages on paper to customers worldwide.

New . Dynamic . Interactive

Design and create your own paper Video Products using your corporate branding.

Increase your revenue by selling new products combining Tradition and Technology

Engage existing and new customers and market your business all around the globe.

and Innovation

A simple yet powerful and friendly product and service platform
to market your business worldwide.

A new revenue stream for your Business
Keep using Traditional services
Use Technology in a friendly way
Offer your customers something new
Engage potential clients
Productivity metrics
Usability metrics
Marketing campaigns and reports
Custom designs
Multiple product options
Multiple advertisement campaigns
Corporate branding
One to One
One to Multiple

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The subscription is open for on-demand Partner requests. Let us know and we will love to explain How to be a WorlWide StampitApp partner.

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