In this section you will find information about Your options to use StampitApp as a User and Partner, subscription plans, cost of Paper Video Products, App requirements, Partner tools and Samples. Please, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about StampitApp and how to use it.

User Options

FREE access
Use StampitApp to send and play Video messages on Paper.

FREE access
Send Video messages with Privacy and Password challenge protection. Make it more personal and have more fun interacting with the receiver.

Partner Options

FREE membership
Use StampitApp to design, create and sell your own paper Video Products.

99 GBP / Year
+ Get real-time metrics and reports, online progress and track performance of your sales. Learn from your customers, understand how your products are used and what features are more popular.

169 GBP / Year
+ Use non-intrusive and direct advertisement campaigns that will open new ways to market your business worldwide. Access potential new customers and offer new services and promotions.

Custom Design
Templates 10 50 100
Projects 10 50 unlimited
Campaigns 0 0 100
Metrics and Reports Y Y
Campaign Stats Y
Manage Customers Y

Video Stamps


Video Stamp units are unique and personal. To Create Projects you must buy Video Stamps. As a Partner member you have the Option to TopUp your account with Units in order to create Projects.

The following table summarizes the costs of buying Video Stamps.

Price per Unit / GBP
up to 500 0.35
and less than 1000 0.3
more than 1000 0.25

App Requirements

The list

In order to use StampitApp product and service platform as a User you should have:

A Smartphone/Tablet
StampitApp has been successfully tested on different Smartphones and Tablets available on the market and it should work on any mobile device that has internet and web-browsing capabilities. Moreover, make sure your smartphone has a camcorder to record video messages on mp4 or quicktime mov file format. We recommend you use StampitApp with a model device that also allows high-speed connections over Internet because uploading and playing video messages will require more bandwidth than just sending text or images.

A QR code scanner
StampitApp in-house scanner is available for Apple iOS devices (iTunes) and for Android (Google Play). But, You can also work independently with almost any QR code reader application available in the market. Use the one you prefer however, be aware that we do not hold any responsibility for any malfunction or any problems by using it.

online Web Browser
You must be connected to internet and your device web-browser must be hmtl5 compliant and it must have javascript and geolocation features activated. All the commercial devices have implemented a fully functional web-browser with javascript capabilities (Safari, Opera, Firefox, Explorer, etc). Make sure your javascript capabilities are not disabled and make sure you run the latest editions of the web-browsers.

A Video Stamp to read
Buy products on paper from selected retail-stores.

A video message to send
The Video message can be recored by you on the spot or you can use any video that you have recorded previously. It must be compliant with mp4 MPEG or quicktime mov standards and we recommend vidoe messages not bigger than 25Mb in size for a better performance and faster upload and play.

A recipient
Someone you Like. Someone you Love. A friend. A relative.

Partner Tools

Dashboard App

An easy to use web-platform designed to provide a ready-to-print product without the need of post-editing processing, using paper design standards and meeting overall editing and printing requirements. Moreover, it is a tool that will allow you to manage product templates, projects, campaigns and to get productivity and usability metrics.

Creating paper Video Projects is an easy process, all you need to have is a template design for the product you want to create, to decide how many units you need and, optionally, a marketing strategy to benefit from online promotional and advertisement campaigns.

Templates are the main base to design your products before creating real projects. You can customise your designs and test them for validation.

Projects will use a Template with your custom design and will consist of as many units / pages / video stamps as you need. Once created, you can activate and start using with your customers.

Campaigns are promotional advertisements that will be displayed to your end users any time they Play and use your projects. It consists of a custom image, designed with your own information and it will allow users to interact with it.

With StampitApp Dashboard you can get online and eral time stats about how your products are being used, how is your product sell performing and how your users are using your products. Most common features, language options, locations, etc.