The content of this section is to provide additional information about StampitApp for users and partners with the aim to help you have a better understanding about what options and features are available and how StampitApp products and services work.
Your options

Not-Login User
Use StampitApp to send and play video messages.
Login User
Enjoy a better user experience and buy online products.
Partner Basic
Design and create custom projects (limits apply).
Partner Premium
+ Customer management and analytics.
Partner PRO
+ Advanced features and services.
Types of video stamps


A video stamp to send a video message on paper to someone you like and love. Use it for personal private communications in your cards and postcards.

1 to 1 messaging
Personal and private
Ownership access control
Password protected
Travel map tracking
25MB video size
60sec max
mp4 / quicktime mov
URL link
5 users view max
PAID: To be used within the next 365 days after creation
PAID: Content valid for 90 days after used
FREE: Content valid for 7 days after used


A video stamp to send a video message on paper to multiple people at once. Use it for marketting campaigns, corporate video communications, personal video distribution or global video messaging.

1 for ALL messaging
Corporate, public and personal
(Un)limited visit
(Un)limited users
Requirements for using StampitApp

In order to use StampitApp you should have:

A mobile device
A QR code scanner
Web browse html5 compliant
A Video Stamp to read
A video message to send
A recipient
Cost of Products

You pay when you buy products. Cost will depend on your subscription account and the product type you are buying. Product price currencies: EUR, USD, GBP.
Payments / Checkout

Payment process is protected by encrypted and secure SSL connections powered by trusted certified partners like ©Thawte and ©Stripe. All major credit cards are available and ALL payment currencies accepted. © Visa © Mastercard © American Express.

Payments and prices are final and include VAT unless otherwise stated during the payment process. Business to Customers clients will receive receipts as proof of payments. Electronic VAT invoices are delivered only for Business to Busineess partners. Every confirmed playment will include:

Every confirmed playment will include:

An online notification message
Summary purchase email, bill receipt and/or invoice
Purchase documents as appplicable
Partner Dashboard

An easy to use and professional web-platform to manage products, projects, campaigns and to get productivity and usability metrics. Refer to the Partners section for more details about your options.
Print instructions

StampitApp video stamps are ready to print and use documents. You can print them directly without extra post-processing and once printed they are ready for use.

Be green and sustainable

We are commited with the planet and we can all help with small decisions. If you are a Partner, print using recycled fsc paper. If you are an End-User, check that your product is friendly with the environment.

100% recycled paper
Responsible forestry
Other considerations

Refer to the Legal and Privacy section for more details about StampitApp terms and conditions and your privacy choices.

Account management

Follow the next link to change password. In case of problems or to terminate your account contact StampitApp for support and assistance.