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In this section you will find information about your options to use StampitApp, products, costs and requirements.

Your options

Not-Login User
Use StampitApp to send and play video messages.

Login User
Enjoy a better user experience and buy for FREE.

FREE Subscription
Design and create custom projects.

£149 / Year
+ Customer management and analytics.

+ Advanced features and services.

Cost of Products

Pay as you need. You pay when you buy products or when you create projects using StampitApp Dashboard. Cost will depend on product type, online, paper or if you are a user or a subscribed partner.

Requirements for using StampitApp

In order to use StampitApp as a User you should have:

A mobile device
A camera to record video messages on mp4 or quicktime mov format.

A QR code scanner
Any scanner will work.

Web browser
Internet connection and html5 and javascript web browsing.

A Video Stamp to read
Buy products on paper online or from selected retail-stores and partners.

A video message to send
A video message not bigger than 25MB or a URL video link.

A recipient
Someone you like, someone you love, a friend, a relative.

Partner Dashboard

An easy to use and professional web-platform to manage products, projects, campaigns and to get productivity and usability metrics.

The main base to design custom products before creating real projects.

It will consist of as many units/pages/video-stamps as you need.

To customise projects and get stratification metrics and management.

Promotional advertisements that will be displayed to your end users allowing you to offer personalized content in a non-intrusive way.

Online and real time stats about how your products are being used.

Payments / Checkout

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