Do you have
a paper Video Stamp?

Scan / Find

Use any QR code reader to scan a Video Stamp or find a Video Stamp directly from any web browser.

Find Stamp

Add Message

Protect your message and challenge the receiver with a secret Question/Answer that only you and the receiver will know.

Map your position and allow the receiver to know the distance the message have traveled to arrive to destination.

Add a video message that you have previously recorded or record one on the spot. You can use Quicktime or mp4 media files. Recommended videos with low resolution like 480p or 720p and not greater than 25MB for fast Play and Upload. You can also use some animated videos from whatsApp, instagram, youtube, etc.


Post and send ...

Play Message

Scan your Video Stamp to Play the Video message or visit to START/Find your Video Stamp from any device or smart TV.

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