How it works?

Do you have an interactive paper video stamp?

Scan / START

Use any QR scanner or use any web browser to PLAY your video stamp directly from StampitApp (if you have a stampID).
Activate stamp

Confirm ownership using your email address and the video stamp Code (if applicable).
Add message,
privacy and location

Use any video you have or record one on the spot. Protect your message and challenge the receiver with a secret Q&A that only you and the receiver will know, and map your position and allow the receiver to know the distance the message will travel. Review, confirm and upload.

Play message

Scan the video stamp to watch the video message or use any web browser to play it directly from a mobile device, laptop, desktop PC or smart-TV. Enter your email for confirmation and if the message was sent with privacy, the receiver will need to answer the question to watch it.

Any QR scanner works
Keep forever
Play on any device
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